Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Rosa Parks and others

I know I will probably receive a lot of slack for what I am going to write, but since this is my blog, and I associate the word blog with opinion, I am going to give my blog = opinion.

First and foremost I am not trying to sound anything like Cedric did on “Barbershop” but I do have to admit that I couldn’t agree with him more on what he said. I do want to say that I do have sympathy for any family in a time of grieving, and I do not judge people. A very valuable lesson I have learned, but I must say I don’t have to agree with things that others just assume I should agree with.

Mrs. Parks was not as we all know the first person to refuse to give up her seat on a bus. In the north, south, east or west. So why is she so famously recognized? Only advantage point she had, if you can call it that, is that she knew MLK. Another figure in history that I just cannot stand, I’ll have to write a part two just for that later. Currently Mrs. Parks is receiving all this honor and recognition and for what? For not getting up? She did nothing more than the next person, but because she knew MLK she was able to be the one to “start the bus boycott”. I’m sure way before MLK thought of a bus boycott and way before Mrs. Parks set down, there were many others who too were ready to start a boycott or sit – ins, but you won’t know of those people, because everyone cannot be important. MLK was already in the position to be the “leader” whether appointed or not. So uncle Beau and uncle Lester sure enough may have had the idea to start a boycott, but the odds of MLK losing his job, or being captured and whatnot was slim to none compared to the “two uncles” who faced losing their jobs, their families and being killed.

Not that MLK or Mrs. Parks didn’t face these same dilemenas, but MLK did have support and did have people to protect or at least watch his back. He had just as much to lose, but the odds where in his favor compared to a farmer in Alabama.

So what I am trying to say is this. Do I believe Mrs. Parks should receive all this honor? No. Anyone for that matter, we will ALL face the judgment and that’s not going to get her in to heaven any quicker than me donating $9000 billion dollars to charity. Often times we give more reverence to people than we do to him. Mrs. Parks is gone. Period. She lit a small spark, one that many people also contributed to, so why does Mrs. Parks get all the credit, what about the ones who were there also? What about the ones that were lynched? What about the ones that were attacked by dogs? What about the ones that died a silent death and we still don’t know about them? What about the ones that were not in the spotlight that also sacrificed?

Lets not give all honor and respect to just a mere individual. It wasn’t about one person. It too many, and many did more than imaginable.

Rest in peace to all of those who are no longer here. Who fought, who battled who died.
That’s whom we need to remember.


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