Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Wow, I'm quoted in a news article for Southern Digest [oct. 21]. Go to www.southerndigest.com and search for blogs. They actually spelled my name as Latasha, which is incorrect. But at least I know they are talking about me. I forgot that I even did that interview over the summer. It just so happened that we get the Southern Digest in our office at school. I am now currently the news editor of my schools paper, The Panther [pvpanther.com]. So we exchange papers with different University's. I was flipping thru Southern's paper, as I do every week, and it didn't dawn on me that I would be in the blog feature on the back of the paper, till hours later when i went searching for my name. And there it was, incorrect but my blog address and I guess the quotes that i gave, printed in black.

I was so proud of self. I sounded really well in the quotes. Though I believe I was misquoted.

I would never say African-American. I hate that word. Period. I'm sure I didn't say that. It would be "against my religion" or something.

Check out the article.


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