Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My so called life

Right now i'm sitting in a sociology class with my best friend. This is actually her class not mine, i just chill with her for awhile because i don't have any class till 12:30 today. So we've made this a habit, yes i know i'm crazy for sitting in on a class that i don't even have to be in. But i look @ it like this, i get a free class and get to broaden my horizon with a class that i wouldn't have taken. I also sit in her other sociology class on MWF, sometimes. That is my so called life.

I believe i'm coming down with the flu. I have some of the symptoms. Body ache like crazy, stomach pains, chest pains and headache. Please don't let it be a the flu!! I so could have stayed at home today, but tonight is production night, i "must" stay.
My so called life.

The weather man lied this morning. I am dressed incorrectly for the weather today. I have on a skirt, sandles and a tank top. Its like a 50% chance of raining here. But its humid outside. I wanna go home
My so called life.

I'm going to sleep, this class is extra boring.


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