Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I am not: what others want me to be

I hurt: when i am sad

I love: Christ Jesus

I hate: being sad

I hope: conquer my personal demons

I regret: a lot of things

I cry: when i am lonely or sad

I care: about those i love

I always: have something to say

I long to: true love

I feel alone: most of the time

I listen: to words of wisdom

I wonder: if i'll find a mate

I hide: my true feelings

I drive: a car :)

I sing: in the shower

I dance: all day

I write: for the school paper

I breathe: as often as possible :)

I play: video games

I miss: my best friend

I search: for acceptance

I say: i love you often

I feel: stressed

I succeed: with the help of the Lord

I fail: at many things

I dream: of us

I sleep: in boxers

I want: love

I worry: too much

I have: many doubts and many fears

I give: all that i can

I fight: to stay alive

I wait: on the Lord

I am: blessed

I think: about my wellbeing

I can't: not have a certain person

I stay: in houston

I tried: to give up, but can't

I'm mad: when i'm forgotten


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