Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Adult Life


I thought my phone had gotten cut off. Which would mean no dsl connection!!! But thankfully it was just that i had seperated the cord from the phone a tad bit while cleaning.

But i did fail to pay my phone bill last the heck did i do that? I pay it along with my electric bill at the same time. Why the heck didn't i pay my phone bill on the 6th of October like i did my electric bill i have no idea. now my phone bill is $78. i will pay the $41 i owed for last month, and pay what i orginally owe this month later.

If its not one thing then its another. seriously. i'm broke. straight broke. and it sucks. eh. i just hope that i can keep gas in my car just to make it to school and back.

i need a real job. i might have to resign as news editor at school. i could write a whole post as to why. not in the mood. the thought of it makes me mad.

watching trading curious to see this new mom freak out about religion.

and you call yourself a Christian.


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