Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I'm so convinced there aren't enough hours in the day for anyone to fully function. I'm living off of about two ounces of rest daily it seems like. The media world is a stressful one. Stress beyond belief. If anyone had any clue of how production has the ingredient to drive one nuts, there would be less negative letters to the editor and more jolly and feel good ones. But that wouldn't be eye catching now would it?

I didn't want to complain, but i figured well it is my blog, heck if anyone can complain on here its going to be. Complaints in the comments don't phase me.

Time is of the essence. I believe i've heard this phrase before. What the heck does that mean? Essence vs. Time?

And my thoery or thought or aggravation about not having enough hours in the day is proven correct. I must jump up now to go to class, or actually to pick up for car pooling and then head to class. And i was just getting comfortable.



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