Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Root Canal

praise the Lord. I was able to have the first procedure for my root canal today. wonderful. wonderful doctor. dr. zurker in houston. i would recommend him to any and everyone. great doctor. please look him up. he's on 529 off of huffmeister.

so now my lips and my mouth are just numb. the right side of my mouth feels like its just sticking out all the way to the sidewalk. weird feelings. i just feel like i have these huge swollen lips on one side. but i don't. at least not when i look in the mirror. but i swear that as soon as i'm not looking at myself in the mirror the go back to being swollen. i'm so convinced

can't say my tooth hurts. can't feel anything. will continue to take the penicillin i got from the ER and the hydrocodone (mmm) j/k. that should help me out for a few days. next appointment is next thursday at again 8AM. i like to have it over with quickly.

priase God, he truly truly answered my prayers. He might not come when you want Him, but He's ALWAYS on time.



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