Monday, October 10, 2005

Back again

dern toothache is back again. this time full force. i'm going to go ahead an extract it on wednesday. i can not afford a root canal. so i must go with my next and only option. moms reassures me that i have 4-5 years to get a bridge or something to prevent the rest of my teeth from shifting. which would be the ultimate nightmare.

its only 8:30pm and i'm doing all in my will power to stay awake. i'm so very tired. spent this past weekend out of town. got no school work or work in general done. so now i'm just trying away to stay wired and stay awake to finish up a paper and do some editing.

sadly i have a presentation tomorrow at 12:30. so not prepared. trying to decide if i would rather read tonight and make my notecards, or wait and get up early and do it... leaning towards that morning time studying. i figure if i get up no later than 8AM. and be at school by 11:45. might even be able to sleep till 9. but i'll probably lolly gag. so i'll set my alarm to 8:30.


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