Saturday, October 15, 2005

ABC's of Latisha

Accent - Southern

Bra size - no comment

Chore I hate -cleaning the bathtub

Dad’s name - Michael

Essential make-up - i don't wear makeup but does chap stick count

Favorite perfume -miracle by Lancome

Gold or Silver? - silver, i hate gold

Hometown - M-square

Insomnia - rarely

Job Title - News Editor

Kids - no

Living Arrangment - me, myself and I (all very great individual's)

Mom’s Birthplace - Los Angeles

Number of Sexual Partners - no comment

Overnight Hospital Stays - yes, five days in the 6th grade

Phobia - clowns, birds

Favorite Quote - Judge not, less ye be judged

Religion - Christian.

Siblings - yes

Two I’m tagging - no comment

Unnatural hair colors I’ve worn - never

Vegetable I refuse to eat - beets

Worst habit -ummm...

X-rays I’ve had - cat scan, dental

Yummy foods I make - banana bread, hamburgers, cookies

Zodiac sign -Taurus i do believe


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