Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What's on in the wee hours

Made it through another production night at the paper. whew...hard work no doubt.
I didn't make it home till 2AM last night and had to be up no later than 5:45, to make it to my 8AM class. An hour to dress and at least 30 minutes to drive to school. So i'm in turbo mode, because the sleep that i got last night this morning was a tease. And no one likes to be teased.
So Wednesday's i'm just basking off stored energy basically. Going through my day, praying that it go by faster than Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday's can be just as bad as Tuesday's.
I attempt to function properly. I manage.

now it is 6:20AM, i am dressed, my house is a mess, i cleaned the toliet [hate to have a dirty commode], and i'm debating on if i should take back to junior high and fix myself a lunch, or bank that i'll get an overpayment check on friday, and splurge to buy something at school.


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