Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sitting at the house

School cancelled till tomorrow. So I haven't been on campus since last Wednesday, a whole week. Any other time this would have been great, but with no school, that only leaves me a chance to stay at home and look crazy. So i'm actually anticipating school starting, i actually like my busy life. No newspaper to be produced to this week, and I'm sure some presidential dinners i was invited to are cancelled also. I hate having to start school in the middle of the week. But I guess I can't complain. I mean I can, but I won't.

Just some stuff to throw out there:

I bought a bed from Ikea, no longer on the floor. Oddly enough I enjoyed just having my matress on the floor. One you never had to worry about falling out of the bed, my grandfather brought this to my attention last time he was here, two once you get used to something its hard to change. [will post photo later]

Purchased a family guy dvd "stewie griffen the untold story" and "the ring two" from Best Buy. Sweet!

Did a little shopping @ Ross and got some cute clothes to wear to classes.

Getting contacts, testing out some right now until i get my presecription next week.

Also go the 3rd season of "king of queens" like my favorite show after family guy. seriously. i love that show.

on the phone....can't blog and hold a convo.


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