Wednesday, September 21, 2005


uhhruuh...miss hurricane rita, close cousin of katrina, could you please spare us. please. call me selfish and lazy, that i may be, but i'm really not wanting to evacuate my home this weekend. really not in a finacial situation to even do such. so if you could kindly minimize yourself to a level 1 or just simply back to a tropical storm that would be great. we can make this compromise right?

i mean here i am in the houston area, where i said i would never live. wait not the houston i am IN houston. and the year i choose to move to this great city, you want to visit also. dude no freaking way. please stop by the ocean and fine by that.
school has been cancelled till monday. thats bittersweet. so if you could just not happen and let me take this four day weekend i would be thrilled.

spare some lives. in fact spare all lives in galveston and those area's more closely affected than mine. let them be able to come home, with homes in tack. and spare those that don't already have flood insurance. let this be just a warning. ya know. we got out pretty fast. now give us a break.

half way thru this composure...i know that i should be addressing this to God. intercetption coming right about........NOW


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