Sunday, September 11, 2005

Let us worship God

caption: Shady Acres Church of Christ, Houston, Texas

One day [Lord willing] i'll make it to the 6AM service for worship. But for now i'm attending the latter at 10:30AM. Great song service, wonderful preaching, it works for me.

I've been attending church all my life some dips and drops in attendance, but none the less i was brought up in a Christian home. My grandfather was a Gospel preacher, and my uncle is currently the minister of my home congregation in Dallas. My grandmother was the Sunday school teacher till her demise last summer, and really the majority of my relatives do attend worship service.

I've had my ups and down with religion. Baptized into Christ at age 13, at a youth conference in Arkansas. But one thing that is solid, I have faith. I belong to His church. Will always stay in His church. I love the Lord. I love His church.


At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the Lord, thy God would say unto you, "Arise, O Faithful One. As you have been faithful in the little things, you are being made ruler over much. The things you observed as a young child have been sowed as seeds of sacrifice to bring in a harvest of righteousness. Do not look to the left. Do not hearken to the right, but look diligently to Me. Face to face, you will behold, no longer as looking through a glass darkly, but even as I created you with a clear vision of who you are in me, so shall you now behold yourself being transformed from glory to glory. Made in my image AND likeness, you are my hand extended. Go forth in strength, My Daughter. You are blessed of the Lord."


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