Friday, September 02, 2005

king of queens is officially my favorite show

okay i feel like the need to share a little bit of what people are saying around here.

i am right here in houston, in all the 'action' and its seriously something bad going down, down here.

crime is up to wazoo...rape, theft, car-jacking everything you name it. the classic [pv vs. tsu] has been either moved or cancelled due to all the people being housed in the astrodome. i've heard so many word of the mouth stories that i don't know what to believe. i have heard that people have been trying to help the victims by taking them food and that those people are being carjacked while trying to help. a guy in my rehtoric class said his best friend said that it looks like a scene from "the dawn of the dead" the way people are just walking around in that area. rapes are high. people can't shower



At 5:28 AM, Blogger EAT MY SHORTS said...

yeah, this shit is fucked. George bush gonna get us all killed.

latisha, can you post my blog as a link in here?


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