Thursday, September 01, 2005

just a post for history sake.

lowest price for gas in my area (nw houston) is $2.89, the highest i've seen is $3.11 for regular.
stopped at a diamond shamrock station...first thing i noticed was more than half of the pumps where not usable...they had yellow bags over them as if they were out of order. then once i did find a pump...a small sign read

no regular unleaded or plus, only super and diseal

NO REGULAR. regular that is already $3!!! what is a girl supposed to do. i stopped at two stations that didnt' have regualar.
this gas thing is no joke. i live off campus and am 25miles away from the campus...back and forth 50miles. so do i now have to figure out which classes i can't make on certain days. such as i can come on monday's and friday's but i can't make wednesday or i can come on tuesday but not thursday. this is just out of control. i've never seen anything like this.

disturbing to here everyone say that we are in our final days. i try not to look at it like that. don't let disasters and turmoil make you think we are in our final days. for some reason i have this belief that when everythings is going well, fine and dandy and when you LEAST expect it thats when we are in our final days. but in all honesty. no one knows. no one can speculate. we can only always live our lives as if its our last.

interruped back in a sec.

back thats what i believe. maybe its a derail to not be so scared right now. but i always fear the Lord. maybe not as much as i need to, and that goes for all of us. but i do fear Him, and know what He is capable of. so don't get me wrong. i want to have my life in order when He does come back. but i know that He has not forsaken me, and i trust in Him.

so that i try not to 'worry' about. heck if we thought like that daily, maybe we'd be a better society. but i honestly do believe that when stuff starts to just fall in place, and it just seems to good to be true....

thats IMHO.

one more thing i want to touch on. please fasfa send my money. i am in DIRE need. i mean seriously. the stress is killing me. well not literaly, but heck it might as well strike me. hard to sleep at night knowing that i only have till wednesday to come up with $1482. but i do trust in the Lord, and try not to 'worry'. but i am human and i do lack in being the most strong faithful Christian at times. but i will just pray. what more can i do. He's been here this whole time i've been in college, why would He forsake me now?

back to studying


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