Friday, September 30, 2005

In response

In response to a comment made about "the choking game" post. My whole point for the post is to get the word out. I had never heard of that game, and I want to be so sure that it can get lost in the heap of other deadly games that children and adults alike should never participate in. I am sorry for your lost, cannot say i know what it is like to lose a child, especially at an early age, but to lose a close young one in their prime i do know. its sad that the fact of losing one to a game is happening. I question how could this all be prevented? What actions need to be taken in order to prevent more deaths? How do we convince children that not all games are good games and need to be played? How do we discourage such behavior? How do we save our children? Not everyone saw Oprah, so many are still oblivous to the fact. So how is the word to be spread so that it can be discouraged to participate in this deadly game? I would love to speak to scores of youngin's to get their opinion. For them to give me a little inside information as to how this stuff gets around, city to city, state to state. And what their honest opinions are. To me this needs to be address before it really 'catches' on and we lose our young in ways that can be prevented. I encourage any parent to speak to their child, and mentor to help a child, older sibling, aunt uncle to encourage proactive behavior and smart thinking.
Just my thoughts.


At 11:40 PM, Blogger Loni said...

Thank you for your response here. I appreciate it. Yes, it needs to be in the news, in schools, parents talking to their children, etc. just like we do about drugs and sex. It's just as important.



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