Thursday, September 08, 2005

i'm so convinced that apple is out to screw me over sometimes. they introduce this spiffy ipod model the nano...not even an entire year after i purchased my ipod mini. they discontinued the mini!!! what the freak!!! i want a nano...but i'm a college student, i would never be able to be that frivolous (sp?) and have both a mini and a nano. thats just crazy. especially when my mini is working totally fine, and i have NO reason to replace it. though i'm wrestling with putting it on ebay and then using the money to buy a nano...


its me again. your spoiled child. I WANT A IPOD NANO TOO!!!


At 3:37 PM, Blogger No Name said...

LOL-I know exactly how you feel. When I buy something that's expensive I do not look back cause I know Im gonna feel screwed! Oh well, it happens. I just bought myself my first digital camera so I do not want to hear about any sales or other special offers on any cameras! Too late for regrets-lol.


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