Tuesday, September 06, 2005

i without a doubt hate holiday's on monday's. they screw up my entire week and leave me thinking that every day is the previous. and that just messes with my head and i don't like it. tuesday's are supposed to be monday's, thursday's should be wednesday and all of that, just really messes me up. i'd take a friday holiday over a monday holiday any day. monday holiday's serve no purpose really. yes you can sleep through on sunday, but its not like you can really enjoy the monday evening any different than you would a regular monday because you still have to get up on tuesday morning to start your week.

friday holdiay's at least you can have a different kind of thursday because you can sleep in on friday and friday's can just be extended because you always get to sleep in on saturday's, and then you just get a longer weekend, and go back to work/school on monday as you would anyways. just works better that way for me.

someone questioned why i was no longer talking about katrina. me just talking about it will solve nothing. i'm in the process of searching my closet so that i can do do something. donate a few things, because i do not have $$$ to give. i still mourn for the victims of Katrina, but i cannot stop daily life forself.

my prayers will stay the same.


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