Sunday, September 04, 2005

i know that a lot of people are throwing out the infamous 'race card' right now in the aftermath of katrina, and for me i'm somewhat indifferent to it. because for one, where ever the media is concerned there will be bias and race as an issue, not matter what. when it comes to the government too. but we cannot just focus on race. because that will turn us from the focus, the focus that people are in NEED. dire need. its not about being black or white right now, its about making sure that babies are being feed, mothers are finding their children, the elderly is being rescued, animals are being sheltered and so forth. lets not loose focus, that a natural disaster has happened and people are living their lives in harsh conditions. the media has made sure to bring forth the negative.

hell the whole hurricane is a negative, why make more. why display the looting, the violence and all that. report it but don't hype it and make it the main focus. lest we forget that people have lost loved ones, people are living in shelters with no showers, no working toliets, and just wandereing and worrrying and really have nothing. we are all so blessed. each and everyone of us. and all we can do is complain about gas prices. i'm blessed that i have the resources, the funds to pay for gas what er' it may be. they don't even have that. so i encourage all to donate. money, clothes, items ANYTHING.

lets quit complaining about what should have been done, and focus on what's going to be done, or whats being done.

presently. now...the future.



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