Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hurricane Day Two

written september 23, 2005
it's day two of evacuating. we were going to stay in houston, but this morning around 8AM we drove 30miles north to Prairie View where my school is located, to Kasai's parents house. And its now 7:19PM and we've been here ever since. All day we've been sitting at home doing not a thing. No wind is blowing anymore than usual. No rain no anything. We really don't have any food food, a bunch of snacks and stuff. and its starting to get old with the snacks. her father today boarded up the windows and we're pretty secure in the home. but if push comes to shove we're all going to the baby dome on campus, where the basketball team plays, and be in there with the entire city of prairie view. blah. so hopefully we'll be able to stay at the house. though i would have opted to stay at my own home really. there is still no gas ANYWHERE, and we're 30miles out of houston. everything is closed, and you won't believe how many stalled cars are on the vacant highway. when we were driving to come to prairie view this morning we were the only ones on the highway, besides maybe 15 other cars. seriously. no traffic, no one. houston is VACANT. houston texas the 4th largest city in the country is like a ghost town seriously. i really realize how we take things for granted. i would give almost anything to have some potato fries from jack in the crack. its like we are so used to being able to say i'm hungry lets go get some food. heck we can't do that. we are trying to conserve gas and food. i mean we are straight for a few days, but if the power goes we last till

trying no to watch the news. because its saying the samething over and over. nothing new really. it was supposed to be a category 5. its now a 3. and if that sucker can go down to a tropical storm thats fine by me. hopefully it will. i have some video footage that i will soon share. it's really so hard to fanthom that things are closed, that things aren't avaliable and everything like that. people are gone. gas is free. and trash is everywhere. you just have to be here to believe it. i said i would never live in houston, the year i decide to come...heck here comes Rita too. go figure. so hopefully we won't have to evacuate this house and go to shelter on campus, but if the winds are to pick up as they say they should, than we'll be in the first thing smoking. hopefully we can return back to houston and to our homes. really want to beat all the traffic and be the first ones back.

prayers. all around....all that can be asked.

Houston...we have a problem.


At 10:27 PM, Anonymous barryg said...

If you are a serious student I recomend this ladys blog. She is funny,politically critical and one hell of a writer. You may tell her I said that. Keep safe and as i tell my grand daughter study hard kid 'cause you sure as heck will have to work hard for the rest of your life.


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