Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fidel and his doctors

maybe i'm wrong but i thought it was a nice gesture for him to offer up sending some physicians to help in the wake of hurricane katrina. i don't undertstand really the decline in his offer. but than again i somewhat do. here's what i don't agree with.

saying that cuban medical care doesn't fit american standard and they don't have the same liscenseing (sp?) as american doctors. umm...hello that is just a standard set by america, that doesn't mean they are any less or any more qualified to practice medicine. i hate the american way sometimes. its always its our way is right your way is wrong period. that is so WRONG. just because its american standard doesn't mean its the way to go. doesn't make it any better than anything else. heck if i were in the situation i'd want someone with a medical background helping me than, having to suffer and not be seen. its just outrageous to think that the declined because they are not certified or whatever in america. eck...

stupid stupid stupid.. though i know there are other reasons...but this is a dire situation.


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