Friday, September 30, 2005


I had to go to the emergency room today. I was taken by an ambulance too. Today I went to class with Kasai around 11AM. I was feeling fine and dandy all morning long, seriously. Around 12:20 when I dropped her off at work is when all heck broke loose. I got the worse pain in my lower stomach than i have ever felt. It was so bad that i didn't even think i was going to be able to park my car and make it to where ever i needed to go. I was lucky enough to make it into a restroom of a building on campus, where i cried and cringed over the toliet and finally found some rest sitting on the restroom floor doubled over in pain. Thats when i called kasai who called her mom, who works at the police station, who came over. And they rescued me. :) Kasai's mother stayed with me till the ambulance go there. Bless her heart. I sat in a chair in the restroom and cried and she rubbed my back and reassuared me. So thankful for her, felt like my mother being their.

I was taken to a hospital in Tomball, Texas (close to houston) where i was treated after about five (5) hours. Turns out that they really didn't give me an exact diagnosis, after taking ALL my blood, giving me and IV and taking x-rays. The doctor basically said that it most likely was a virus. But it could also be a cyst on my ovary, or my pancreaus (sp?), whatever checks for the healthy state of your pancreaus (sp?) showed my level was a little higher, If good it would have been in the 125 range mines was in the 168 range. No biggie he said really.

So after that i was slapped with a $1400 (+) hospital bill. For them to prescribe me a $6 prescription for some nasty green stuff. If anything hurt me the most it wasn't all the times i was stuck with needles it was the bill at the end of the day.

Needless to say, Kasai got their as soon as she could and stayed with me, and my auntie (bless her heart) for whom this blog has a name after (rosie, her name is really millie) came 2hrs and waited on me, just to make sure i was okay.

They love me they really love me.

And that was my day...i missed my 2 o'clock class. But this is a valid excuse right?

...didn't get to pick up my check from work either...


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