Saturday, September 03, 2005

continued from previous post...

so basically i said all that to say that things are hectic and crazy down here in houston right now. i know it would be the perfect oppurtunity for I as a journalist to go down to the astrodome to get interviews or to overall get a feeling of the situation, but really thats not possible. people are advised to stay home, and avoid the chaos. so as a single woman i would be like shark bait. i do have common sense.

just continue to pray is all that i can say. i do not have money to give, but i have some clothes i can donate, and prayers i can offer up. thats it.

i can't imagine. not in the least can i imagine. i go crazy if i can't remember where i place my purse or wallet, or heck my other to lose everything....unimaginable.

gas is the least of our worries.


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