Sunday, September 25, 2005

Blessed Sunday

wow. its already Sunday. i didn't think the first day of the week could get here soon enough. now we are in the aftermath of a hurricane. stores restocking and re-opening. gas being brought in, and people returing back home. still a little chaos. i mean its a bit fustrating, because we are spoiled, that businesses are not open. if any lesson has been learned its that patience works wonders. seriously. waiting in line for gas, not having road rage, waiting for the grocery store to re-open and any other little thing that is taken for granted. just a blessing to know that we have all of this...just going to take a little time for it to get back and running.

so spoiled that i want Ikea to open today. go figure. and it would be nice if best buy were open too...can't wait to get the new family guy dvd on tuesday.

ah wal-mart i'll see you at noon.


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