Tuesday, August 30, 2005

wow this is just the second week of school and its already so hectic. daily i'm up by 6AM and I never make it home before 6PM, 7 if i'm lucky. By that time i'm so drained, the last thing i have on my mind is homework. but still i manage to do it. tidy up a bit and catch a show on television. sleep is so rewarding. sometimes i don't even make it to bed till midnight. just to be up again at 6AM. 18 hours this semester. news editor of the school paper, a peer leader, and whatever else i can put my hand on at school. so much, but so rewarding at times. struggling to keep a 3.0 gpa this semester.

What has happened in the south is just clearly a natural disaster, but its also very disturbing. So much of this is happening daily. I question are more things happening 'today' than before, or is it because of our numerous media sources that we get more information than before? I really hate statistics (sp?) because they can never be accurate, so i guess i could really never have that question answered. But the Bible said all of this would happen. And so be it (amen) that it is. Yes, i know that people die daily, and things happen that are some of the worst, but right now it just seems back to back to back. We are at war. Which sometimes i honestly forget. Its hard to fanthom that i too am living at a time where we are at war. My great-grandparents saw WWII, my grandparents saw korea and vietnam (sp?), my parents saw desert storm, and here i am living thru Iraqi war. I think the value of the world war has become desensitized (sp?) in America. The seriousness of war is not emphasized. Too many great television shows, and entertainment magazines and whatever else, to attract attention else where.

When the real REALITY is, we are at frickin' war. Where someone is dying daily. And for what? And reports have said that they plan to be there for another four (4) years. WHY!!!! How many lives have already be taken, how many more must be sacrficed? It's sick really it is.

I really hate to hear the, well if they weren't over their you wouldn't be free and all this. Heck we are still not 'free' in the true essence of the word, but America can not just go any and everyone playing big brother and having the attitude of 'what we do is right, what ya'll have been doing is totally wrong'. That is so stupid. And just plain ignorant. We stay on our turf and they stay on theirs. America can not 'fix' things in other countries when we have broken pieces over here in ours. And we can name MILLIONS of problems and broken pieces we have.

Send the troops home, and lets cope and deal and fix here.


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Hey Latisha. Good luck with the new semester!


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