Thursday, August 18, 2005

when the next xbox 360 [insert degree sign here] comes out, the old xbox should become more affordable for me to purchase. just because i want one. it took me two (2) years after the PS2 came out to purchase one, and I'm still gushing over it. Though its main purpose now seems to play my DVDs (havent' had too much time to play video games). only want an xbox because i might be a bit spoiled. probably find a pair of shoes i like better and never actually end up getting it. but it would be nice. any donations of an old xbox would be swell. i mean if you've already tried to sale it on ebay and got no bids, i bid $12, and thats my max bid. thats all i can afford. i just paid all my bills, gas is kicking ass and first installment of tuition and rent is coming up. heck i'll give you $4 for it, i can't even afford $12, after remember all that i owe. throw in the water bill to those corrupting things that are TAKING MY MONEY $$$$! :)


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