Thursday, August 25, 2005

wasn't feel well this morning. still not feeling up to par right now either. so i stayed home from school.... eh. yes today would have only been the second day of my TR classes. but that was a sacrfice i felt i had to make. no changing it fact my first class is just now ending, and the second one is at 3:30pm. if i felt i was going to be doing better i would still be able to make it.
ah well. i'll def. have to go to class tomorrow. i have homework to turn in. in my own words i must define rhetoric. i have some spanish that kasai and i are going to work on, and for interpersonal communications i have to write some stuff in a journel. blah blah blah. thursday night. what comes on tonight, television wise? haven't been tuning into that very much lately. reading rawks.


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