Saturday, August 20, 2005

waking up early has its benefits no doubt. and its much easier to wake up early to do something you enjoy or have no problem doing. such as going on a vacation trip, garage sales, greeting early morning visitors from out of town, and stuff like that. its roughly 5:26AM, been up for the past 10minutes, and I'm feeling pretty good. In a few minutes I'm going to get up and shower, dress, eat and all that jazz, but this morning I'm going to do all this slowly. Because I'm really not even trying to leave the house until around 6:45AM, so I'm just going to take my sweet little time on whatever I do. Enjoy the morning and take my time and do things thourouly. Didn't fall asleep till around 2AM actually, and didn't sleep any after that...don't ask why. So really i've only maybe had two (2) hours of sleep tonight. But I feel fine. I guess i'll feel the effects later, and I'm prepared for that. To gain you must give, right?

Number one objective today, make it outside the door with video camera and still camera in tow. Always want to put what I have to good usage, and what better way than to document my fun times in life.


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