Friday, August 05, 2005

i took my little cousin joshua (12) to six flags (astro world) today. it had to be the coolest (temperture wise) day in houston ever. i don't know what the exact temp. was but even with the humidity i must say, today was a nice day. and i'm guessing since its 'tax' free weekend, everyone was shopping, so it was a great day to go to a theme park, hardly any long lines, and not crowded at all.

but it started to rain. just as we came off the "mind bender" and indoor rollercoaster, it began to drip a little. while we're walking it just begins to POUR, huge gigantic rain drops. to make this long story short, we walked in the rain, which was really a thunderstorm and got soaking wet. i hate being wet in clothes not an inch of our bodies were dry. got lost taking hime back home, got fustrated in traffic after dropping him off, and here I am now. 7:54PM. tidy(ed) up the apartment, showered, washed my hair, ironed and whatever else that needed to be done.

waiting now for three friends to come over...around 9:30 i'm thinking...two are at church right now. when they arrive we plan to go see a movie (not sure what), go out to eat, and then come back to my apartment to play some spades, speed and talk. i suppose.

garage sales cancelled for tomorrow. she must work. but we're going to have us a 'girls' outing anyways.

i'm taking my camera with me tonight. will post picures....ummm when i feel like it. :)


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