Monday, August 08, 2005

for a while now i've been wanting to write a novel. i consider myself to be a writer, somewhat. i am a journalist, who specializes in print media, so i do consider myself to be a fairly good writer. or at least so i'm told. i'm trying not to be arrogant here. so i remember that i started on my first 'book' when i was around sixteen (16), got about 8 to 10 chapters, but never finished it. i have it on a disk somewhere, and reading it now its like wow...THAT SUCKED!

now i'm 21, and i believe i'm ready to begin writing another novel. or short story. really leaning towards the short story. i had one published in our high school literary magazine [i was editor], and it actually got pretty good reviews. i also have a serious collection of poetry that i would one day like to have published. i even have the cover of my book all outlined and in my head.

so i'm going to start working on my short story, which may end up being just a short story but will hopefully graduate into being a complete novel, or collection of stories. i'm unsure. i've started with a synopsis, or character outline. but thats about it.

just to add to my credentials (sp?), i co-wrote with my classmates a sitcome pilot for a class. it RAWKS! so thats some inspiration.

wish me luck! wait i don't believe in luck. pray for me. that i do believe in.


At 8:09 PM, Blogger LEEBEY said...

Love your site as well and good luck to you on the book!

At 3:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Post some of your poetry Im sure we would all love to read.


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