Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Daily routine

Wake up around 6:15AM
Pick up Kasai at 7:15AM
Head to Prairie View, to arrive at around 7:45AM
Class at 8AM on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday
Tuesday's and Thursday's (R), no class till 12:30PM, so not sure what time i'll be waking up and leaving. Tuesday's i'll def. be taking my own car, Thursday's i'll ride with Kasai, and work in news room till class...maybe...

get home around 6PM

FEEL DIRT tired...18 hours are already making me feel the effects, not only do i carry 18hours, i'm the news editor (two meetings a week), and always working on content and layout, Peer Advisor Leader (meetings once a week), and just being a student period...can't wait for the weekend already!!

I felt you needed to know all that because? well enjoy the pictures below from the first day of classes.


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