Monday, August 01, 2005

counting down. twenty-one (21) days till school begins.

i'm such a geek. who actually counts down the days for school to begin. is my summer that dull, that boring.

wait...wait....i can answer that...

why yes it is. i wait to the latter half of the summer to find out i actually enjoy [more than i can even express] going to garage sales with my best friend. we are hitting some up this saturday. whoa...i think they have garage sales on friday too...mmm...

but yes, this summer was the summer of all summers. no internship [i'll never get a job in journalism], no job [i was in summer school the first half]. and now its winding down. thank God. seriously.

i miss being on "tha yard". or "tha hill" which ever you prefer. i even find myself driving up to PV, just to act like i can really get some help from finacial aid and just go to be on the hill. getting everything ready. looking up book prices...i will continue to buy mine online.

i'm prepared for this year. i'm a friggin SENIOR (06'). wow. fall couldnt' come sooner.


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