Saturday, August 13, 2005

And so I return. Just arrived back from a leadership conference with my school. I am now officially a P.A.L. [peer advisor leader]. A campus leader. We are here to assist incoming freshmen and new student, show our beautiful campus, and over all be the best 'cheerleaders' for PV, all while having the time of our lives. Being a P.A.L is great. The bond we all share is unmatched. Especially after spending Wednesday thru Saturday together at a resort in Montgomery, Texas. I really understand why we, around 160 were choosen as P.A.L.S. Everyone showed leadership qualities, and I was truly surrounded by the best of the best from PV. Made me very proud. Daily we sat thru motivational sessions, team building exercises, business and dining etiquette (sp?) and all bonded. We learned our weakness, our strengths and our inner voice. I am a communication major, I do talk A LOT, but i'm not the MOST out going person, but here i was able after a few days to let loose, and join in. And that really taught me to just 'do me'. Whateve it may be, as long as i'm comfortable. So i can say i really learned a lot about self, and i really enjoyed becoming a P.A.L and experiencing this great oppurtunity with such great individuals who are now my family.

This week will be a busy week. Freshmen move in tomorrow. Sunday thru Thursday is Pantherland Camp [events for the incoming freshmen and transfer students], and P.A.L.S works the whole week assisting and bonding with the freshmen. So this will be a challenge to conquer. School starts on the 22nd [monday], and then all 'hell' breaks loose. : )


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(Me = DJLC)

Not to be racist here, but it's good to see that not all black people are truly idiots who have nothing better to do than sit around and learn nothing in school, etc. So.... congratulations :-) .


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