Wednesday, August 17, 2005


An idle mind is disaster as far as I'm concerned. No 'ifs', 'ands' or 'buts'. Constant mind stimulation and body movement help make the day a lot better. Today I'm up and down on emotions. My day started off as a typical day of any other week. Woke up around 7:20AM, showered, dressed did all that jazz and left to pick up Kasai so we could carpool to PV. I was geared and prepared to work with the freshmen today and give tours and what not, and even stay till 7PM for the spirit rally [missing church in the process]. She was prepared and mentally ready to tackle her day as being customer friendly and working at the front cashier in the bookstore, where we spend countless hours laughing, talking and overall having a good time. When we arrived at her job, me prepared to do what I do with the peer advisor's on campus and her to do what she does. We were both slapped in our faces, someone else was already working the front register and I couldn't find a single member of my organization that could relay to me exactly what we were supposed to be doing today. I hate unorganization. She hates to get out of routine. So frankly we were both really pissed. We were so looking to have a day as we had on Tuesday, but we were highly interrupted. She ended up having to work in the back office with her mom and I ended up driving back to Houston and staying at home. Where I am, eating, and looking crazy. Church services start in 30minutes. So this day really sucked. It just did. Period. Blessed day yes, but something we call a 'life day'. Where we just say, 'this is life'. Deal.
So I had me a life day. And looks like I'll be having another one on Friday. Kasai is going to a youth rally with her church on Friday. We go to different churches. I doubt know I won't be going. So my Friday's typically suck anyways. Idle time, brings about an idle mind, and i have no funds/resources to do jack. I would if I could try to go to a movie, but what little cash I do have..if any I want to save to go to some garage sales with Kasai on Saturday. That gives me something to look forward to. If that falls thru i just give up, throw in the towel.

Going to freshen up for church. I wonder what tomorrow holds?!?! If its anything like today, i'd rather just give it up and skip to Saturday.


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