Tuesday, August 30, 2005

wow this is just the second week of school and its already so hectic. daily i'm up by 6AM and I never make it home before 6PM, 7 if i'm lucky. By that time i'm so drained, the last thing i have on my mind is homework. but still i manage to do it. tidy up a bit and catch a show on television. sleep is so rewarding. sometimes i don't even make it to bed till midnight. just to be up again at 6AM. 18 hours this semester. news editor of the school paper, a peer leader, and whatever else i can put my hand on at school. so much, but so rewarding at times. struggling to keep a 3.0 gpa this semester.

What has happened in the south is just clearly a natural disaster, but its also very disturbing. So much of this is happening daily. I question are more things happening 'today' than before, or is it because of our numerous media sources that we get more information than before? I really hate statistics (sp?) because they can never be accurate, so i guess i could really never have that question answered. But the Bible said all of this would happen. And so be it (amen) that it is. Yes, i know that people die daily, and things happen that are some of the worst, but right now it just seems back to back to back. We are at war. Which sometimes i honestly forget. Its hard to fanthom that i too am living at a time where we are at war. My great-grandparents saw WWII, my grandparents saw korea and vietnam (sp?), my parents saw desert storm, and here i am living thru Iraqi war. I think the value of the world war has become desensitized (sp?) in America. The seriousness of war is not emphasized. Too many great television shows, and entertainment magazines and whatever else, to attract attention else where.

When the real REALITY is, we are at frickin' war. Where someone is dying daily. And for what? And reports have said that they plan to be there for another four (4) years. WHY!!!! How many lives have already be taken, how many more must be sacrficed? It's sick really it is.

I really hate to hear the, well if they weren't over their you wouldn't be free and all this. Heck we are still not 'free' in the true essence of the word, but America can not just go any and everyone playing big brother and having the attitude of 'what we do is right, what ya'll have been doing is totally wrong'. That is so stupid. And just plain ignorant. We stay on our turf and they stay on theirs. America can not 'fix' things in other countries when we have broken pieces over here in ours. And we can name MILLIONS of problems and broken pieces we have.

Send the troops home, and lets cope and deal and fix here.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Kasai's Plate

Kasai's Plate
Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

same as mine

My Plate

My Plate
Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

Chicken on a skewer, lemon roasted potatoes and a greek salad...i cannot remember the exact name of the dish

Spinich Copida (sp?)

Spinich Copida (sp?)
Originally uploaded by latisha1903.



Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

Good tasting wine i'm assuming


Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

Nice art in the back of the resturant


Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

Our Menu

How i spent my sunday:

attending church service
eating a grilled cheese sandwich
taking a nap on the couch
writing my internship proposal
eating a yia yia's (ya/ya) greek resturant with kasai
studying for spanish III....sorta
bed at 1:15am

How i will spend this monday

hating monday's. i cannot believe that this is the second week of school and already i'm tired of the routine of waking up at 5:30 and getting to class by 7:30. so repetative (sp?). and just think one day i'll have to do this forever as a job!!! summer how i miss thee, college years how i will miss thee also. i just had to try and graduate in four years. makes me want to start a 5th year, just because i don't want to go into the 'real' world, which i guess is the opposite of the 'fake' one i'm in now.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

i rated 'red eye' a B on yahoo movies.

i didn't realize it was rated pg-13 till i got home. i thought it was going to be rated r. usually pg-13 movies suck. but i do know that sometimes movies that should get an r rating get pg-13, because of the audience the movie would make more money. i read this in a news article a few years back. makes sense too.

but i would recommend 'red eye'. i think there is humor where there shouldn't be any. so it takes away from the seriousness. but i'll let you decide for yourself. i won't give anything away. trust you don't want me to. because if i did, that would ruin the WHOLE movie. not sure if its what you think it is....

playing ncca football 06' on ps2

going to see 'red eye' at 5:30pm

my saturday!

o and put $30 in my car for gas. to fill er up

blogger's about me page isn't the best. in fact they should totally upgrade that and make it spiffy(er). i got an e-mail today asking me to give up some information about self. so i surrender. i will give you the whole freaking downlow about i the 21 year old journalist...blah blah blah... but trust it will be brief

Name: Latisha Rene' W.
Location: Houston, Texas
Age twenty-one
Education Studying for a B.A in Mass Media emphasis in Journalism [minor: interdisiplinary studies (i think)] @ Prairie View A&M University [senior]
Status Single
Occupation: news editor for The Panther (newspaper), freelance photographer and filmographer (sp?) read: i do DVD's for family members

okay i got bored with it so i stopped

"Lonely I'm Mr. Miss lonely, I have nobody, to call my owwnnn I’m so lonely"

I like the fast pace of school. Being at home actually sucks, boring, and lonely. Only so many times can you make sitting with a laptop, watching DVD's, and cleaning up be fun. eh... and with my finacial woes I'm condemed to be here, because i cannot afford the luxury of leaving.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

for someone who is sick/not up to par/under the weather, i sure have been blogging a lot...

i just got google talk. using jabber. because i'm a mac owner and its not configured for mac.

so umm...someone contact me via google talk...

$1.86 last year for gas. $2.60 [national]
$1.75 last year for gas. $2.54 [local, houston]


goes something like this...

"...judge not lest thou be judged..."

no sin is greater than any other sin. i wasn't going to comment on the statement that was made by a so called 'christian'. yes it is against one of the ten commandments. but his sin is no greater than someone who wants their high school teacher to accidently fall down the steps and break their leg, in order to get out a test.

participating in homosexual acts is no greater sin than adultry between a man and a woman. but we tend to forget that. fornicating is no greater than any lie about running a red light. sin is sin is sin. period

romans 3:23 correct me if i'm wrong for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God

again if i'm quoting these incorrectly please feel free to make the corrections.

wasn't feel well this morning. still not feeling up to par right now either. so i stayed home from school.... eh. yes today would have only been the second day of my TR classes. but that was a sacrfice i felt i had to make. no changing it now...in fact my first class is just now ending, and the second one is at 3:30pm. if i felt i was going to be doing better i would still be able to make it.
ah well. i'll def. have to go to class tomorrow. i have homework to turn in. in my own words i must define rhetoric. i have some spanish that kasai and i are going to work on, and for interpersonal communications i have to write some stuff in a journel. blah blah blah. thursday night. what comes on tonight, television wise? haven't been tuning into that very much lately. reading rawks.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Daily routine

Wake up around 6:15AM
Pick up Kasai at 7:15AM
Head to Prairie View, to arrive at around 7:45AM
Class at 8AM on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday
Tuesday's and Thursday's (R), no class till 12:30PM, so not sure what time i'll be waking up and leaving. Tuesday's i'll def. be taking my own car, Thursday's i'll ride with Kasai, and work in news room till class...maybe...

get home around 6PM

FEEL DIRT tired...18 hours are already making me feel the effects, not only do i carry 18hours, i'm the news editor (two meetings a week), and always working on content and layout, Peer Advisor Leader (meetings once a week), and just being a student period...can't wait for the weekend already!!

I felt you needed to know all that because? well enjoy the pictures below from the first day of classes.

Monday, August 22, 2005

i have a 3.0 gpa, haven't had that since summer 03'. moms would/will be proud.

Memorial Student Center

Memorial Student Center
Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

First day of classes at Prairie View A&M University
[photo taken in the MSC]

PV's Omega's

PV's Omega's
Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

Omega Psi Phi chanting

PV's Omega's

PV's Omega's
Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

Greek's [Omega Psi Phi] stepping and chanting in the Memorial Student Center

Sunday, August 21, 2005

classes begin tomorrow... yea! [smug look on face]

details soon.


Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

Our first time trying Mediterranean food

Inside La' Fendee

Inside La' Fendee
Originally uploaded by latisha1903.


Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

My first dish

My first dish
Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

Kasai's meal

Kasai's meal
Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

Chicken, pita bread, salad and some nasty stuff on the side

My Meal

My Meal
Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

Steak, pita bread, frieds and hummus (?)
Really liked the fries

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Chick: People donate body parts?
Older woman: Yes, when people die they can donate their body so that other people can benefit from it.
Chick: So, like, I could get a new arm or something?


this was funny to me...taken from overheardinnewyork [dot] com

waking up early has its benefits no doubt. and its much easier to wake up early to do something you enjoy or have no problem doing. such as going on a vacation trip, garage sales, greeting early morning visitors from out of town, and stuff like that. its roughly 5:26AM, been up for the past 10minutes, and I'm feeling pretty good. In a few minutes I'm going to get up and shower, dress, eat and all that jazz, but this morning I'm going to do all this slowly. Because I'm really not even trying to leave the house until around 6:45AM, so I'm just going to take my sweet little time on whatever I do. Enjoy the morning and take my time and do things thourouly. Didn't fall asleep till around 2AM actually, and didn't sleep any after that...don't ask why. So really i've only maybe had two (2) hours of sleep tonight. But I feel fine. I guess i'll feel the effects later, and I'm prepared for that. To gain you must give, right?

Number one objective today, make it outside the door with video camera and still camera in tow. Always want to put what I have to good usage, and what better way than to document my fun times in life.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Lord willing, waking up tomorrow at 6AM and hitting a yard/garage sale. Our new favorite pasttime. so anxious for morning...so anxious.

Which stereotype do you fall under?


You tend to keep to yourself and like to be alone. Others may not know exactly how to categorize you and you probably like it that way.

Personality Test Results

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

i have one of these.

when the next xbox 360 [insert degree sign here] comes out, the old xbox should become more affordable for me to purchase. just because i want one. it took me two (2) years after the PS2 came out to purchase one, and I'm still gushing over it. Though its main purpose now seems to play my DVDs (havent' had too much time to play video games). only want an xbox because i might be a bit spoiled. probably find a pair of shoes i like better and never actually end up getting it. but it would be nice. any donations of an old xbox would be swell. i mean if you've already tried to sale it on ebay and got no bids, i bid $12, and thats my max bid. thats all i can afford. i just paid all my bills, gas is kicking ass and first installment of tuition and rent is coming up. heck i'll give you $4 for it, i can't even afford $12, after remember all that i owe. throw in the water bill to those corrupting things that are TAKING MY MONEY $$$$! :)

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  • nice...

    Wednesday, August 17, 2005


    An idle mind is disaster as far as I'm concerned. No 'ifs', 'ands' or 'buts'. Constant mind stimulation and body movement help make the day a lot better. Today I'm up and down on emotions. My day started off as a typical day of any other week. Woke up around 7:20AM, showered, dressed did all that jazz and left to pick up Kasai so we could carpool to PV. I was geared and prepared to work with the freshmen today and give tours and what not, and even stay till 7PM for the spirit rally [missing church in the process]. She was prepared and mentally ready to tackle her day as being customer friendly and working at the front cashier in the bookstore, where we spend countless hours laughing, talking and overall having a good time. When we arrived at her job, me prepared to do what I do with the peer advisor's on campus and her to do what she does. We were both slapped in our faces, someone else was already working the front register and I couldn't find a single member of my organization that could relay to me exactly what we were supposed to be doing today. I hate unorganization. She hates to get out of routine. So frankly we were both really pissed. We were so looking to have a day as we had on Tuesday, but we were highly interrupted. She ended up having to work in the back office with her mom and I ended up driving back to Houston and staying at home. Where I am now...now 7PM...cleaning, eating, and looking crazy. Church services start in 30minutes. So this day really sucked. It just did. Period. Blessed day yes, but something we call a 'life day'. Where we just say, 'this is life'. Deal.
    So I had me a life day. And looks like I'll be having another one on Friday. Kasai is going to a youth rally with her church on Friday. We go to different churches. I doubt know I won't be going. So my Friday's typically suck anyways. Idle time, brings about an idle mind, and i have no funds/resources to do jack. I would if I could try to go to a movie, but what little cash I do have..if any I want to save to go to some garage sales with Kasai on Saturday. That gives me something to look forward to. If that falls thru i just give up, throw in the towel.

    Going to freshen up for church. I wonder what tomorrow holds?!?! If its anything like today, i'd rather just give it up and skip to Saturday.

  • why switch to mac

  • all these reasons make sense. convinced me in april.

    Tuesday, August 16, 2005

    plea prayer

    Dear God,

    I come to you in prayer thanking you for bringing me thus far. For blessing me in more ways in one, and especially blessing me where I am not deserving. Thank You. I seek Lord for your hand and your hand only to be with me in the next few weeks as I start school and prepare for change. Lord help me finacially, mentally, physically and spiritually. I trust in your Lord and I ask for your grace and mercy. Forgive me of my shortcomings. I praise your name. In Jesus name. Amen

    first installment of tuition is a killer. i can't even begin to think about books...

    A worm shut down computers running Windows 2000 software across the United States. More soon.

    taken from cnn.com

    do i have to be reminded why i love apple so much? didn't think so. thank you Tiger. thank you.

    Sunday, August 14, 2005

    $2.48 for gas is no joke. it will make even the most unorganized person rally up a carpool. i don't know how i'll afford to travel to school daily without resisting the urge to stand curbside and hitchhike. $20 is like putting in $8. seriously hurting the pocketbook, school savings and couch change. wow

    (Me = DJLC)

    Not to be racist here, but it's good to see that not all black people are truly idiots who have nothing better to do than sit around and learn nothing in school, etc. So.... congratulations :-)

    that my dear 'friend' is the MOST racist comment i've ever heard. for the mere fact that you stereotyped and you assumed that all black people even did that. period. the mere fact that you saw it fit to make that comment. a simple congraulations would have been sufficient. but for you to even fanthom or even think that even half off black america is what you described above is racist. I am very appalled and offended, but i will chalk that up to your ignorance. i will give you the benefit of the doubt on that accord. because let me remind you, though you should never even have to be reminded but the actions that you stated above can apply to anyone, any race any gender any religion any ethnicity. no one group, whatever the group may be does it more or does it less. you are prone to at times i'm sure be in the same situation. it is very evident that you are racist. i want you to re-read what you stated. seriously. but here let me change this statement to read as the following...

    (Me = DJLC)

    Not to be racist here, but it's good to see that not all white people are truly idiots who have nothing better to do than sit around and learn nothing in school, etc. So.... congratulations :-) .

    now how does that sound? preconcived (sp?) ideas, based on race? it behooved you to be condecending and congraualate me on something that i do naturally. period. i do not need even that from you. i could go on and on about the statement above, but i really cannot even get my words out the way i want to. but this will suffice. i'm sure this will not be the last thing i say about this. truly my friend you have presented me with a challenge. a challenge to be this mouth quiet and not truly tell you how i feel about this statement, or better yet to do it in a professional and decent manor.

    talks like a racist, speaks like a racist...must be racist. at least thats my assumption.

    Saturday, August 13, 2005

    And so I return. Just arrived back from a leadership conference with my school. I am now officially a P.A.L. [peer advisor leader]. A campus leader. We are here to assist incoming freshmen and new student, show our beautiful campus, and over all be the best 'cheerleaders' for PV, all while having the time of our lives. Being a P.A.L is great. The bond we all share is unmatched. Especially after spending Wednesday thru Saturday together at a resort in Montgomery, Texas. I really understand why we, around 160 were choosen as P.A.L.S. Everyone showed leadership qualities, and I was truly surrounded by the best of the best from PV. Made me very proud. Daily we sat thru motivational sessions, team building exercises, business and dining etiquette (sp?) and all bonded. We learned our weakness, our strengths and our inner voice. I am a communication major, I do talk A LOT, but i'm not the MOST out going person, but here i was able after a few days to let loose, and join in. And that really taught me to just 'do me'. Whateve it may be, as long as i'm comfortable. So i can say i really learned a lot about self, and i really enjoyed becoming a P.A.L and experiencing this great oppurtunity with such great individuals who are now my family.

    This week will be a busy week. Freshmen move in tomorrow. Sunday thru Thursday is Pantherland Camp [events for the incoming freshmen and transfer students], and P.A.L.S works the whole week assisting and bonding with the freshmen. So this will be a challenge to conquer. School starts on the 22nd [monday], and then all 'hell' breaks loose. : )

    Monday, August 08, 2005

    you ever hear something so much you begin to not even question it, and just start believing it?

    who knew "cleanliness is next to godliness" ISN'T IN THE BIBLE!!!!!


    no one ever told me that 'king of queen's' was such a funny show. doug is so hillarious to me. i love this show.

    for a while now i've been wanting to write a novel. i consider myself to be a writer, somewhat. i am a journalist, who specializes in print media, so i do consider myself to be a fairly good writer. or at least so i'm told. i'm trying not to be arrogant here. so i remember that i started on my first 'book' when i was around sixteen (16), got about 8 to 10 chapters, but never finished it. i have it on a disk somewhere, and reading it now its like wow...THAT SUCKED!

    now i'm 21, and i believe i'm ready to begin writing another novel. or short story. really leaning towards the short story. i had one published in our high school literary magazine [i was editor], and it actually got pretty good reviews. i also have a serious collection of poetry that i would one day like to have published. i even have the cover of my book all outlined and in my head.

    so i'm going to start working on my short story, which may end up being just a short story but will hopefully graduate into being a complete novel, or collection of stories. i'm unsure. i've started with a synopsis, or character outline. but thats about it.

    just to add to my credentials (sp?), i co-wrote with my classmates a sitcome pilot for a class. it RAWKS! so thats some inspiration.

    wish me luck! wait i don't believe in luck. pray for me. that i do believe in.


    to one of the greatest journalist in America...

    Peter Jennings

    I seriously was influenced by this man. To see any person in my 'field' go is sad. He was truly talented. Thank you Mr. Jennings for all your hardwork and dedication to journalism.

    Thank You.

    Sunday, August 07, 2005

    One word to describe self.


    Others describe me this way also. Upon looking up the word, using dashboard on mac of course, I couldn't agree more. I am a nonchalant person. period. It works for me. So effortless too. More should try it, makes the day go by much smoother. Though I have been scolded in the past for my nonchalant attitude. And guess what, I just gave them a nonchalant stare.

    Question to anyone:

    Know of any good mac blogs or forums. Please share! I'm a geek for seeing photo's of other people's set ups. I'm such an applehead now.

    Saturday, August 06, 2005

    My Dinner

    My Dinner
    Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

    Sirloin (medium), loaded mashed poetatoes (cheese, bacon, chives). So yummy.

    Thank you TGI Friday's. Thank you

    Artichoke and Spinich Dip

    Artichoke and Spinich Dip
    Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

    MMMMMmmmm....so good!


    Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

    The best steak i have EVER had. ever.

    Friday, August 05, 2005

    You scored as Fundamentalist. You are a fundamentalist. You take the Bible as the foundation of your faith and read it very literally, and it shapes your worldview. Non-fundamentalist Christians have watered-down the Gospel in your view, and academic study of the Bible stops us from 'taking God at his word.' Science is opposed to faith, as it contradicts basic biblical truths.



    Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan


    Classical Liberal


    Reformed Evangelical


    Neo orthodox






    Modern Liberal


    Roman Catholic


    What's your theological worldview?
    created with QuizFarm.com

    don't know what this means? i go to a local church of Christ here in Houston.

    i took my little cousin joshua (12) to six flags (astro world) today. it had to be the coolest (temperture wise) day in houston ever. i don't know what the exact temp. was but even with the humidity i must say, today was a nice day. and i'm guessing since its 'tax' free weekend, everyone was shopping, so it was a great day to go to a theme park, hardly any long lines, and not crowded at all.

    but it started to rain. just as we came off the "mind bender" and indoor rollercoaster, it began to drip a little. while we're walking it just begins to POUR, huge gigantic rain drops. to make this long story short, we walked in the rain, which was really a thunderstorm and got soaking wet. i hate being wet in clothes not an inch of our bodies were dry. got lost taking hime back home, got fustrated in traffic after dropping him off, and here I am now. 7:54PM. tidy(ed) up the apartment, showered, washed my hair, ironed and whatever else that needed to be done.

    waiting now for three friends to come over...around 9:30 i'm thinking...two are at church right now. when they arrive we plan to go see a movie (not sure what), go out to eat, and then come back to my apartment to play some spades, speed and talk. i suppose.

    garage sales cancelled for tomorrow. she must work. but we're going to have us a 'girls' outing anyways.

    i'm taking my camera with me tonight. will post picures....ummm when i feel like it. :)

    Thursday, August 04, 2005

    all for $8. yes eight bucks from the dreaded wal-mart. i'm not even a wal-mart fan, but they got me today with this 'bargain'.

    i'm like a master photographer. right?

    i'm not even being funny.

    but what is it with lighting and boy scouts. is this just a freak of nature or what? seriously i calculate at least six (6) boy scouts and or leaders have been killed by lighting. period. that is errie...

    Prayer for these familes, because unexpected deaths are terrible. trust.

    she has to work on saturday from 8 till noon.

    no garage sales. period. for at least 2 weeks.


    pardon me while i go into my common state of depression....

    i have an 11 o'clock appointment at the community college i attended for the first summer session. going thru and academic appeals process and a civil rights process too. i won't get into that though.

    its thursday. and my mind is all the way on saturday. is it possible to want to thank whoever come up with the concept of having a garage/yard sale. i have so done my best to keep at least $40 in my pocket so that i'll be able too bargain and spend on saturday, with my best friend, enjoying our new and favorite pasttime. When you purchase a glass coffee table for $5 that just 'works' in your living room, how can you not become hooked.

    really i'm just waiting for the time to tick by slowly...........
    bored so blog.

    Wednesday, August 03, 2005

    She will earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media emphasis in Journalism in 2006. With a minor in Interdisiplinary Studies in Social Sciences.

    For the beginning of my Senior year at PV I will be taking the following:

    Monday - Wednesday - Friday
    Spanish III @ 8AM - 8:50AM
    Interpersonal Communications @ 9AM - 9:50AM
    Rhetorical Criticism @ 2PM - 2:50PM

    Tuesday - Thursday
    Communication Research @ 12:30PM - 1:50PM
    Copy Editing and Production @ 3:30PM - 4:50PM

    I so just lost all of that post. I was on the phone half the time, typing the other half, and I lost part of my post...dern you blogger. I don't even want to repost. So just forget it. ARGHHHHH!!!

    Tuesday, August 02, 2005

    my best friend and i just had the WORST fight ever.

    i feel terrible. eck....this sux.

    never have we gone to the extreme that we did tonight. it was brutal. i will be the first one to give in on this. i can't sleep feeling this way.

    Monday, August 01, 2005

    counting down. twenty-one (21) days till school begins.

    i'm such a geek. who actually counts down the days for school to begin. is my summer that dull, that boring.

    wait...wait....i can answer that...

    why yes it is. i wait to the latter half of the summer to find out i actually enjoy [more than i can even express] going to garage sales with my best friend. we are hitting some up this saturday. whoa...i think they have garage sales on friday too...mmm...

    but yes, this summer was the summer of all summers. no internship [i'll never get a job in journalism], no job [i was in summer school the first half]. and now its winding down. thank God. seriously.

    i miss being on "tha yard". or "tha hill" which ever you prefer. i even find myself driving up to PV, just to act like i can really get some help from finacial aid and just go to be on the hill. getting everything ready. looking up book prices...i will continue to buy mine online.

    i'm prepared for this year. i'm a friggin SENIOR (06'). wow. fall semester...you couldnt' come sooner.