Sunday, July 24, 2005

recount of what I personally picked up on our garage sale expedition.
- $5.00 coffee table [glass]
- two wooden ikea picture frames $1.00
- Girlfriends picture frame $1.00
- two wine boxes [to sit up under coffee table] $1.25
- two black picture frames $1.00
-two green fluffy pillows $1.00
- "kiss me i'm irish bag" green $.50
-decrative chinese box $.25
-gap jean skirt [CUTE!] $2.00
- pair of jeans $1.00
- kitchen knick knack [spices] $1.00
-six small drinking glasses [set] $1.00
-duffel bag $.50
-some CD's worth all together like $3.50, they were $.50 each.
- floor CD holder - FREE!

about $15.50 total?!

i believe thats it...

kasai got...i'll try to remember all she got
-recliner, great shape clean.....$15.00!!!
-area rug, never walked on...$10.00!
-clothes for her one year old godson [about 5 outfits] $5.00
- huge salad bowl - $.25
-nine west purse [black] $2.00
- nice old navy bag $1.00
-throw back rockets tie [black] $.50
and some other stuff can't remember...

$33.75??? quick math don't sue me..point is we saved.

we had the time of our lives. we will Lord willing go to some garage sales AT LEAST once a month. we must go one more time before the summer ends. we had more fun than thou should allow...


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