Wednesday, July 06, 2005

its true what they say.

the truth hurts. and it hurts tremendously. its somewhat unbearable.

i feel lost in confusion. i mean i'm totally lost. unsure of what to do. aware of the situation, but totally lost and confused.

i want. but i cannot have. i try. but i fail. i want happiness. with and without. but i don't seem to get that happiness without.

i seek to find it. i long to have it. i no longer want to be selfish. i want control. i want to be stable. content. happy.

without and with.

forgiveness i seek. happiness i must find. conclusion i want. solution i cannont find. not ready to bear. but i want. i truly want.

april 21 i want back...i would give anything for that day...and the days before.


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