Saturday, July 30, 2005

i'm a switcher. not a swinger. a swticher.

i am a product of the ipod halo effect.

meaning. i bought and ipod for christmas. followed up by purchasing a powerbook g4 in april for my birthday. ipod halo effect.
i too was a PC user. till i found the 'light' this past April. seriously. for twenty years i had always used a PC. always intrigued about what a mac could do, but never actually got to test one. when i was much younger, around four or five years old, we did have a macintosh computer in the house, but i was four or five, so i wasn't on the computer. and the internet was no where near being in our homes. didn't get online till 95' wow i need to celebrate. i've been apart of the online community for ten years now. wow. and to really jump off subject, my first instant messaging tool was in fact ICQ. wow. i just re-downloaded that for the first time in about eight years. wow. ten years.

back to the subject. so i'm a switcher. i made a conscience decision to never own by another PC. and most if not all mac users make this decision. people are given PC's, but macs are choosen. seriously. all throughout school we've always used PC's, at home we've always used PC. macs where foreign. period. most likely my reason for not having a mac till now, 21 years later is price. but i was blessed to be able to get one for my 21st birthday. for which i am very greatful.

so i switched. and i belive everyone should swtich. macs make more sense. i'm so convinced. i still have a PC. for storage. period. i keep all my ipod music on the PC...for storage. so that i don't have to use up storage on my mac. i also have MS Office on the PC, so that can be useful. right now the PC is at a friends house, using it till...whenever. but i also keep some old photo's on there too. and i play the sims 2 on the PC, as to not have to use space and buy another copy for the mac. that works for me. but this laptop is my main 'squeeze'.

so yes it works. but an ipod. purchase a mac in the next...took me 4 months. but i already knew i wanted a mac long before that. just had to get the funds together. so here i am almost 4 months down the line, never regretting my step towards freedom and user friendly applications. i love my mac. proud to be a mac owner. looking forward to making many more mac purchases. thank you apple.

thank you.


At 10:08 PM, Anonymous paul said...

Very nice. I'm always happy to read about people switching to a mac.


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