Wednesday, July 20, 2005

haven't felt like blogging much lately. this summer is really dragging along. waiting impatiently for the fall to begin. to start my job as news editor of the school paper. if i were smart and didn't like to do everything at the last freaking minute, i would have worked on some editorials for the upcoming year. i guess i'm some what uninspired.

well self i say to you 'get inspired dernit', this summer is passing by slowly and the only way not to have an idle mind would be to go ahead and work on some articles. or come up with ideas. or tactics for running the newsroom. something.

living in houston has been an intriguing experience. i bet i'll be here a while after i graduate next summer. i do plan to start grad school right after completing undergrad. so ya know i can get that over with.

patiently waiting for 7:30. church. its only 6:18. i may even roll up there at 7pm [song practice] just to give self something to do.

FALL...ayo start any day. on friday it will be exactly a month till classes begin. on the 9th thru the 13 i'll be at SLI camp [student leadership training] leaving on a charted bus to Montgomery, Texas. So at least that something to look forward to.

Moms is coming at the end of the month. That wil be cool, if we don't get on one anothers nerves first. But i will stop rambling. wow its 6:20 now...yes...

..i rented "she hates me" a spike lee joint can't wait watch it.



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