Friday, July 01, 2005

got DSL at da house now! o yeah. wasn't supposed to be turned on till tuesday (5th), but when i was taking out the trash i saw TWO (2) SBC trucks outside, and i'm like surely there aren't that many people getting DSL at the same i opened my kit, and decided why not try...well guess what ALL three (3) lights turned on, and i was connected. oh yeah...i just knew it didn't make any sense for them to wait all the way til tuesday.

i had made the order on the 24th. it was cancelled because i'm a new customer and they said i couldn't do orders online yet. but when i made that order it was supposed to be set up today when i contacted them on monday or sunday they said the 5th...[ordered over the phone] i was thinking if they were going to do it on the 1st why couldn't they still do it on the first. well they did...because its working right...

:) see impatience does get you some where..


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