Saturday, July 02, 2005

Cornbread, fish and collard greens

we are so eating that today. i'm cooking the greens, and the cornbread (jiffy), and jesse is frying up the fish, plus we're having mac and cheese and kasai wants baked chicken for herself. it wasn't till i started the greens' that i realized our menu was cornbread, fish and collard greens. love it. can't wait till 6-7 tonight so i can get down on some good food.

happy july 2nd. or whatever america celebrates around this time of the year. something about freedom start sarcasm now. if you are texan (i am) and black (and proud), freedom somewhat came on the 19th of june. so if anything should have been celebrating then i suppose. but since we still ain't free. what are you celebrating again? i just know its a saturday and there wasn't too much else to why not eat with your friends and be merry. right?

cornbread, fish and collard greens, and mac and cheese and kool-aid, and red soda, and baked chicken for one person

ya'll ain't know about that remix did ya?


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