Sunday, July 03, 2005

bathroom blog

on my way to church this good Sunday morning. so thrilled that there is not class tomorrow. makes me very excited. i plan to go with my aunt to my cousin's (her daughter) new home tomorrow for a 4th of july/home welcoming get together. though i think i might drive my own car, so that i can leave when i get ready to. so those are my july 4th plans. used to be my favorite holiday, just for the mere fact that i love popping firecrackers. but its no longer something i have to participate in now.

in fact i can't even rub two nickels together, so i have no money to even get one black cat to set off. but its cool. i won't die if i don't pop a firecracker...[wow i really don't have two nickels..mmm]

today after worship, i will try to do a LIttle studing for lecture exam on tuesday...but i will treat this like a Sunday, and be lazy after worship and watch movies, eat yesterday's left overs, and chill. o how i love Sunday afternoons. especially after some good praise and worship at church.

eh..its 8:49 already...let me is at 10:30. back by one. peace


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