Saturday, July 30, 2005

i'm a switcher. not a swinger. a swticher.

i am a product of the ipod halo effect.

meaning. i bought and ipod for christmas. followed up by purchasing a powerbook g4 in april for my birthday. ipod halo effect.
i too was a PC user. till i found the 'light' this past April. seriously. for twenty years i had always used a PC. always intrigued about what a mac could do, but never actually got to test one. when i was much younger, around four or five years old, we did have a macintosh computer in the house, but i was four or five, so i wasn't on the computer. and the internet was no where near being in our homes. didn't get online till 95' wow i need to celebrate. i've been apart of the online community for ten years now. wow. and to really jump off subject, my first instant messaging tool was in fact ICQ. wow. i just re-downloaded that for the first time in about eight years. wow. ten years.

back to the subject. so i'm a switcher. i made a conscience decision to never own by another PC. and most if not all mac users make this decision. people are given PC's, but macs are choosen. seriously. all throughout school we've always used PC's, at home we've always used PC. macs where foreign. period. most likely my reason for not having a mac till now, 21 years later is price. but i was blessed to be able to get one for my 21st birthday. for which i am very greatful.

so i switched. and i belive everyone should swtich. macs make more sense. i'm so convinced. i still have a PC. for storage. period. i keep all my ipod music on the PC...for storage. so that i don't have to use up storage on my mac. i also have MS Office on the PC, so that can be useful. right now the PC is at a friends house, using it till...whenever. but i also keep some old photo's on there too. and i play the sims 2 on the PC, as to not have to use space and buy another copy for the mac. that works for me. but this laptop is my main 'squeeze'.

so yes it works. but an ipod. purchase a mac in the next...took me 4 months. but i already knew i wanted a mac long before that. just had to get the funds together. so here i am almost 4 months down the line, never regretting my step towards freedom and user friendly applications. i love my mac. proud to be a mac owner. looking forward to making many more mac purchases. thank you apple.

thank you.

Friday, July 29, 2005


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okay yeah i'm bored.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

t-minus 47 seconds...

Monday, July 25, 2005

My two month old nephew, Michael Lord T. III, mother died on the saturday before last. She was 19. I'm so very in shock, and I just hope that my brother, Michael who is also 19 is okay. I really don't know what to say in this situation. Its painful that my brother has to go thru this and that my nephew doesn't have a mother. A prayer is very much needed.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


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I don't even drink wine, but i love these empty boxes, that i keep under my new $5 coffee table...they match the picture frames on the table too...

$2 GAP skirt

$2 GAP skirt
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Fall into the GAP!!!!!

this skirt would have been no less than $30 no more than $50 in the stores...TWO bucks!

My $5 coffee table

My $5 coffee table
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Yes people, that beautiful table cost me a mere $5, at only the second garage sale we 'hit' that morning

recount of what I personally picked up on our garage sale expedition.
- $5.00 coffee table [glass]
- two wooden ikea picture frames $1.00
- Girlfriends picture frame $1.00
- two wine boxes [to sit up under coffee table] $1.25
- two black picture frames $1.00
-two green fluffy pillows $1.00
- "kiss me i'm irish bag" green $.50
-decrative chinese box $.25
-gap jean skirt [CUTE!] $2.00
- pair of jeans $1.00
- kitchen knick knack [spices] $1.00
-six small drinking glasses [set] $1.00
-duffel bag $.50
-some CD's worth all together like $3.50, they were $.50 each.
- floor CD holder - FREE!

about $15.50 total?!

i believe thats it...

kasai got...i'll try to remember all she got
-recliner, great shape clean.....$15.00!!!
-area rug, never walked on...$10.00!
-clothes for her one year old godson [about 5 outfits] $5.00
- huge salad bowl - $.25
-nine west purse [black] $2.00
- nice old navy bag $1.00
-throw back rockets tie [black] $.50
and some other stuff can't remember...

$33.75??? quick math don't sue me..point is we saved.

we had the time of our lives. we will Lord willing go to some garage sales AT LEAST once a month. we must go one more time before the summer ends. we had more fun than thou should allow...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

i'm going to some garage sales this morning! i better come home with something worth my wild, after getting up at 5AM on a saturday....

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

haven't felt like blogging much lately. this summer is really dragging along. waiting impatiently for the fall to begin. to start my job as news editor of the school paper. if i were smart and didn't like to do everything at the last freaking minute, i would have worked on some editorials for the upcoming year. i guess i'm some what uninspired.

well self i say to you 'get inspired dernit', this summer is passing by slowly and the only way not to have an idle mind would be to go ahead and work on some articles. or come up with ideas. or tactics for running the newsroom. something.

living in houston has been an intriguing experience. i bet i'll be here a while after i graduate next summer. i do plan to start grad school right after completing undergrad. so ya know i can get that over with.

patiently waiting for 7:30. church. its only 6:18. i may even roll up there at 7pm [song practice] just to give self something to do.

FALL...ayo start any day. on friday it will be exactly a month till classes begin. on the 9th thru the 13 i'll be at SLI camp [student leadership training] leaving on a charted bus to Montgomery, Texas. So at least that something to look forward to.

Moms is coming at the end of the month. That wil be cool, if we don't get on one anothers nerves first. But i will stop rambling. wow its 6:20 now...yes...

..i rented "she hates me" a spike lee joint can't wait watch it.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005


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Shooting some hoops. I'm so proud of this youngster. I love my little brothers.


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Desmond Ezekiel W. age three. can bounce the ball non-stop around 95 times. believe that my personal superstar!


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He set up this pose himself, telling me "take a picture with my foot on the ball" so i was like oookkayyy


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Darrien Michael W. age eight. my handsome younger brother...way our family reunion this past weekend.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

possible a family reunion to attend this weekend...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

i'm moving over to wordpress blogsome i think today....

wasn't thinking when i said wordpress, gotta have a host...and whatnot..i'm trippen..

i love blogger..i just would really like something with categories..i might stay i might move

Monday, July 11, 2005

Gay Chart

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wow. who would have thunk it. things that make you look at him and go....mmmmmm?!?!

CAUTION: use at your own risk

yesterday was my dad's birthday.

Happy BirthdayDon Michael Wallace

i won't reveal his age.

the power of prayer.

i love the power of the Lord. faith i know i have.

But without faith it is impossible to please Him for he that cometh to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him
Hebrews 11:6


Sunday, July 10, 2005

lost. uncomfortable. not myself. truly confused. seeking a way out.

where is the happiness? how to fill the void?

prayer. is it going up? being heard?

i feel insecure. unhappy. in need...

Saturday, July 09, 2005

on my way to a bridal shower.

o yeah...this should be interesting.
trying to decide if i should grab me something to eat before i go. i'm not likely to be happy if i have to munch on a cucumber sandwich. eck...

a card and $10 should be a good gift from a broke college student right?

i loving playing up the broke college student sympathy card. one reason i'm not in a hurry to graduate. people are so much more sympathetic when you're in college. as soon as you get that degree...they drop you like dirty laundry and expect you to join the...i'm educated and old enough to not make excuses anymore crowd. sux i know.

thats why i'm going to grad school right after undergrad...right after...won't even break the chain..

Friday, July 08, 2005

Mable Addie Durant Johnson
03.24.26 - 07.08.04

Rest in peace, my dear grandmother. I will cherish you all the days of my life. I miss you more than words can express or describe. I seek to be with you one day in paradise. Lord have mercy on your soul. I love you.

- your granddaughter, seeking to follow in your footsteps.

its raining its pouring, the old man is snoring...blah blah blah blah blah...i don't know the rest.

but it is raining here in hot houston, and it actually feels good outside. but after the rain comes the humidity and the most unbearable heat you can imagine. rain brings out consequences. it may rain now, been raining off and on for three days [thank the Lord], but i know now its about to get

i certainly have a problem on my hands. i need a transcript from my first college. problem is they don't take request over the phone. i have to do it by snail mail, and if i can find a fax, maybe that way. but i need this transcript by TUESDAY to register for summer II that starts on Wednesday!!!

i need this philosophy class...they need to let up...they should have asked for that transcript when i gave them my PV transcript. i don't think thats my fault. so i'll have to go up there to talk to them on monday. because i was not aware they needed all previous schools. they let me register with just a pv transcript. why is that?


Thursday, July 07, 2005

ok when did Wendy's jr cheeseburgers become $1.29? WHEN!!! why didnt anyone tell me? about a week ago..i went up to wendy's with my standard $ jr cheeseburger, medium fry and a medium drink. total comes out to $3.80 or something...i'm so hungry i don't notice...till i get home and i'm like whoa they over charged me for the drink and burger!!! but i'm not going back to argue...

today i just got back from ordering a medium fry and a jr. bacon cheeseburger [no drink i have to drink water], and to my surprise the burger comes up to like $1.38 on the screen...i say to the lady...umm burgers aren't 99cents anymore...she says no...i'm just flabbergasted (sp?)..i mean seriously. who told them they could change the price of the burgers!!!!

key word of value menu is guess what...VALUE...$1.29 is not value...when recently it was just worth 99cents. don't get me wrong i love Wendy's jr bacon cheeseburgers, they put me in a good mood..but at 99cents thery were $1.29...well lets just say..i won't be stopping at Wendy's as much...not until i can get used to adding 30cents to my usual price..

i hate they did that..i really do...and they gave me salty fries today too...i must devour them in ketchup to even eat them.
now watching "birth" with nicole kidman...i have FREE netflix for a year...ya hear that...TILL NEXT JULY I HAVE FrEe movies...courtesy of my apartment complex for signing a huh?

the attacks in london i do believe would have to be the biggest news story right now. terrorist attacks? i'm not sure. and actually i don't have any comments on the event. because i havne't read up on it, so i don't have much to say.

but today is Amber's 2nd birthday. i call her lucy...hence the name lucy in the url. now you know the reason for rosie and lucy. names i have given members of my family. and can't nobody say LUTEE LUUUTEE like i can.

Happy 2nd birthday Amber Michele. I love you dearly. My hookutie.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

its true what they say.

the truth hurts. and it hurts tremendously. its somewhat unbearable.

i feel lost in confusion. i mean i'm totally lost. unsure of what to do. aware of the situation, but totally lost and confused.

i want. but i cannot have. i try. but i fail. i want happiness. with and without. but i don't seem to get that happiness without.

i seek to find it. i long to have it. i no longer want to be selfish. i want control. i want to be stable. content. happy.

without and with.

forgiveness i seek. happiness i must find. conclusion i want. solution i cannont find. not ready to bear. but i want. i truly want.

april 21 i want back...i would give anything for that day...and the days before.

i finally figured out how to set up the wireless for my home. sweet.

now if i could just keep the powerbook charged it would be completly wireless. sweet

all this for like $30 a month. maybe $35 with taxes. it doesn't get any better than that.

thank you sbc/yahoo.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

i have a bladder infection. or urinary tract infection (uti). or at least my mother diagnosed me as having such. i believe her. she's raised many children, i gave her my symptoms and she told me to continue sipping on water ALL day. because i'm already on antibiotics, the doctor would only prescribe more antibiotics, and she said thats not needed, save some money. so i'll just follow up on the water. i never drink sodas, but i am a juice fiene (sp?). so water, water water i will be having. eh..

i wouldn't wish a uti on my worst enemy. period. the pain is unbearable.

i know i know its 5:30 in the AM. but i keep getting this frequent urge to use the restroom. i've gotten up around at least seven (7) times tonight with the urgency to urinate.

i mean i'm really bugging, and have not slept well the whole night. i must call my mother to see what the heck is going on. or what motherly diagnois she can give me.

i am on antibiotics, but i've been drinking my share of water. i think i'll call her now...she's been up since 4 i know.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Blog this

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There's a party going on. 4th of july at my cousin's house.

My aunt and I

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This is my aunt millie and i on july 4th, at her daughter's new house. i used to call her rosie...hence the url...

.i'm going with my auntie today. i hope the family is down to get on some spades.

.will post later tonight.

thought gotta burn that flag tonight.

Sunday, July 03, 2005


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Kasai on the computer...what is she searching for.

Dis me

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I told Kasai not to mess with the camera.

Fish frying

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Jesse frying up the fish.

Cornbread, fish and collard greens

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these good ole' i cooked up on saturday. they were delicious.

bathroom blog

on my way to church this good Sunday morning. so thrilled that there is not class tomorrow. makes me very excited. i plan to go with my aunt to my cousin's (her daughter) new home tomorrow for a 4th of july/home welcoming get together. though i think i might drive my own car, so that i can leave when i get ready to. so those are my july 4th plans. used to be my favorite holiday, just for the mere fact that i love popping firecrackers. but its no longer something i have to participate in now.

in fact i can't even rub two nickels together, so i have no money to even get one black cat to set off. but its cool. i won't die if i don't pop a firecracker...[wow i really don't have two nickels..mmm]

today after worship, i will try to do a LIttle studing for lecture exam on tuesday...but i will treat this like a Sunday, and be lazy after worship and watch movies, eat yesterday's left overs, and chill. o how i love Sunday afternoons. especially after some good praise and worship at church.

eh..its 8:49 already...let me is at 10:30. back by one. peace

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Cornbread, fish and collard greens

we are so eating that today. i'm cooking the greens, and the cornbread (jiffy), and jesse is frying up the fish, plus we're having mac and cheese and kasai wants baked chicken for herself. it wasn't till i started the greens' that i realized our menu was cornbread, fish and collard greens. love it. can't wait till 6-7 tonight so i can get down on some good food.

happy july 2nd. or whatever america celebrates around this time of the year. something about freedom start sarcasm now. if you are texan (i am) and black (and proud), freedom somewhat came on the 19th of june. so if anything should have been celebrating then i suppose. but since we still ain't free. what are you celebrating again? i just know its a saturday and there wasn't too much else to why not eat with your friends and be merry. right?

cornbread, fish and collard greens, and mac and cheese and kool-aid, and red soda, and baked chicken for one person

ya'll ain't know about that remix did ya?

Who's bored?

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I was bored. period.


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so when i can set aside some moolah. i'll go back to ikea to get a bed frame. until then...i won't have to worry about falling out of the bed now will i? its comfy as heck though...if you are thinking of getting a matress from ikea...get a foam matress. this came rolled up, and i was able to put it in the back seat of my car, and carry it up the stairs myself. than i just un rolled it and it plumbed up.

Some things you always have

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I've played with Lego's since before I can remember. I know at one point in time i had over to black garbage bags full. these i have kept for over 6 years. something i hold on for my children one day. i will continue to keep these...they are very dear to me..oh the stories i could tell.

Friday, July 01, 2005

i so just found the best game online..R.S.V.P, you have to sit your dinner guest correctly by one another to make them happy. i love it..been playing all night...also found air hockey online for Kasai, its her favorite game. now only if they had Zuma for mac.

she and i are going to some garage sales in the A.M [if we can muster up some energy to get up]

Luther Ronzoni Vandross
April 20, 1951 - July 1, 2005

moment of silence

got DSL at da house now! o yeah. wasn't supposed to be turned on till tuesday (5th), but when i was taking out the trash i saw TWO (2) SBC trucks outside, and i'm like surely there aren't that many people getting DSL at the same i opened my kit, and decided why not try...well guess what ALL three (3) lights turned on, and i was connected. oh yeah...i just knew it didn't make any sense for them to wait all the way til tuesday.

i had made the order on the 24th. it was cancelled because i'm a new customer and they said i couldn't do orders online yet. but when i made that order it was supposed to be set up today when i contacted them on monday or sunday they said the 5th...[ordered over the phone] i was thinking if they were going to do it on the 1st why couldn't they still do it on the first. well they did...because its working right...

:) see impatience does get you some where..