Monday, June 06, 2005

you know that feeling you get the first day of school. the excitment you have about finally getting to see what a class is all about. putting on your new clothes, meeting your classmates and getting to see who your professor is. i don't have that feeling today.

summer classes begin today. i have opted to take my much needed science courses at the local community college near by. and i don't have that feeling of excitment.

i just woke up. dizzy. and cold. i must have gotten up during the night and changed the thermostat to 70. and i'm not up to par, as far as how i feel this morning. i'm lacking in cough syrup, and my throat is scratchy.

and the mere thought of thinking how long my class will laugh is enough to discourage anyone from being excited about class.

10:40 till 2:40. thats a lecture and a lab for biology. eh...this is the price i must pay.

i'll start getting ready around 9:30. the college is right up the street. and i will blog about.

until then.


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