Saturday, June 11, 2005

wow 4am i don't see you often. nor do i want to see you often. last night kasai and i had a girls night out. we originally were to go to the red cat jazz cafe on congress, but opted to valet park and continue down the side street towards the suede lounge. where we had been a previous friday and had a ball with the young hip hop crowd. the suede lounge has proven to be a diverse club. sometimes hip hop urban (read:black) crowd hangs out, and sometimes where hippies bang on bongo's. you never know the atmosphere. but judging from last night, the friday night we experienced was a once in a lifetime oppurtunity.
we continued down the strip to sambuca's an upscale jazz club. we sat at the bar and listened to a band play all variety's of music. at one point a man was playing a washboard (yes the washboard your great-great grandmother used to use), and a harmonica. kasai and i were in heaven. the bartender also hooked me up on a fruity drink, a heatwave, i do believe. tasted just like a ripe georgia peach. after we left sambuca's we headed to the suede lounge to finish out our night. the club was popping but of course not as it was that lucky friday before. but over all after we found air circulating by the dj's booth we had a great time. houston's night life isn't the best. nor the worst. i long to go to austin's 6th street any day.
but it was the best we do. we opted for ihop around 3, and made our was in the bed around 4. woke up at 8:30 (kasai had to go to work) and i'm now about to venture back to my bed for a good hour or so. only to wake up to work on my biology lab report. kasai gets off around 2. she also took my car. in an attempt to keep myself grounded at the house to work on my biology.

with all the fun we had, you'de never guess we had had a huge spat only hours before. but friends manage to make things better when need be. and we both came through as friends.


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