Monday, June 20, 2005

WARNING this is vent post...

I officially HATE biology. And i'm so far gone in the hate that i don't even have any desire to learn biology. I hate math with a passion, but i'd take a math class over this crap anyday. because ya know least i can count. guarantee. i mean it absoultly sucks. the fact that i a journalism student must spend countless hours in a biology class talking about atoms and molecules and plasma membranes. who the phuc cares about plasma membranes. especially when i'm losing my very own not working well brain. i feel i have other and better ways to spend my time. i could just make up random things that make more sense than spending hours in a biology class. yes i know the basics, and thats about all i really feel i need to know. because when push comes to shove you can always find a doctor or nurse or someone who gives a phuc about biology and its related fields. i my dear friends can tell you about writing. and tell you about emotions. not what the heck diffusion and gradients are. because i know you don't care, and trust i REALLY could care less.
school ends on the 12th of july. if i could just muster up a C, even a low C, because a C is a C is a C. i'll be fine. and i can live out the rest of my life, happy and one less stress burden on my hips.

anyone that is a biology major or related field (science period) i hate it. period. because with a belief in God, i feel that science is just in depth research into the unnessesary. meaning, hey God made me. period. i really don't care how it all fits and works together. i just know i'm here. blessed and happy. who cares what the atomic number of an element is.

i wanna be in my own element, making up my own know why?

because i can count.


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