Monday, June 13, 2005

lecture exam in biology. sucks because after the lab exam she's not letting us leave. we must wait outside for everyone to finish, THEN come back inside the classroom to actually have lecture. what sense does that make? eh...

makes senese to me to have both the lecture and lab exam together. get it over with and call it a day. but of course that would be too ideal.

quick point - the opened up the 'mississippi burning' case again? and the emmett till case? i don't quite understand. i'm already indifferent about our justice sucks. and again i feel the system has screwed us over. wait till all the suspect live a happy life, die, than try to convict those that didn't die soon enough?

rules. red tap. playing the justice system. they do it so well. and we're supposed to be satisfed with that. they aren't seeking justice. they are trying to get us to shut up and forget it. saying well "at least we tried" 45 years later. eh...


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