Wednesday, June 15, 2005

last night (june 14)

i became a big sister again.

Nigel Wallace (middle name coming soon)
9lbs (some ounces) and like 20inches

my grandmother said...he's got pretty eye lashes, chubby and looks like his daddy.
(i'm told i look like him too) eh...

this makes my little brothers Darrien Michael (8) and Desmond Ezekial (3) big brothers. Dezy was looking forward to it the most.

more info later. and maybe a picture this weekend.

at this point, my two youngest brothers feel like my nephews or something. not sure why. i guess their age. darrien of course i've known the longest, at age eight, i know him. but i've been out of high school for three years, so i haven't gotten the chance to grow up with dezy. as i won't be able to grow with Nigel. so they are like my nephews.

which i just want to say i have two handsome nephews, Jaylen Nakita McCloud (1) and Michael Lord Taylor III (born in april)

don't expect any of these coming from me anytime soon...though seems like we could use a girl in this broad. i would love to have a niece. but i need no more siblings. seriously.


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