Wednesday, June 22, 2005

its just one of those days, that a girl goes through

today i woke up alarmed and thoughtless. really just through off my morning routine. so my day started off a little blah. but i will bounce back

just finished my lab exam. waiting now outside to go back in, to get lectured for a few hours, than i'm dissing lab and going home. got some business to take care of.

i'm not some link queen...or least i'm not in the mood to link...but if you go to , you'll see that a generous man donated 2.1 million dollars to my university. report says it will be used for scholarships beginning this fall. guess who'll be the first in line for that sign up.

one day i hope to be able to be a generous alum. but if not, ah well i'll always come back to contribute in buying alumni wear.
thats if, and only if PV doesn't piss me off first. which they are headed in the right direction to doing. while i'm on this trip let me be brutally honest and state what i will not support.

Dear PV,
My beloved school. I will not support the fact that we are losing the facts that this is an HBCU (historically black college/university. meaning exactly what it says. please don't lose those values and sell out. they have A&M up the road for that. treatment of students must improve, and i must believe that this university wants ME here, a black student more than they want to send the free students who are the minortiy. remember that at one point in time they wouldn't even stop at Prairie View, and wouldn't let us go to A&M, now we get ours, and they want it. please dont' sell out. see it for what its worth. keep it for our children. don't lose your dignity

A dedicated black student, for which the school was founded for.

thats it...take it as is.


At 11:03 PM, Blogger Denise said...


They still haven't gotten much better, but Amen.


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