Sunday, June 05, 2005

i'm mad at Houston, for doing major construction work on EVERY freaking highway in the city. 610, I-10, 59, 45 and whatever else you can think of is always closed at some point in time. and sometimes they even have the audacity to close them at the same exact time. which constitutes why i got lost today trying to make it to church. which i wasn't able to attend, and got lost, and finally found my way back to the construction ridden 610 south to come back home.


yesterday my best friend and i got into the worst fight we've ever been in. we really were at each others throats and said harsh words to one another. it was intense. at one point she was just going to bounce, but her husband intervened and MADE us talk it out. i hope i never fight again with her like i did yesterday. i thouht seriously o god this is the end. but we did work it out. took us a good three hours. but through out love for one another we did work it out. thats what friends do.

if she has any reason to be mad at me now, its only because i'm up 21 to 15 in our speed competition. i AM the queen of speed. how ya like that!

luckily summer school starts for me tomorrow. i have yet to purchase my books, which look to be about $150, i was slowful and was not able to order them online as i do for my fall and spring semester so i will have to sacrfice this mulah. Biology. i got a D my freshman year. and since Ds don't transfer i have been forced to take this class over again. and i made the sacrfice of my summer, because i refuse to take Biology with a bunch of freshmen in the fall. i'm a senior dernit. i will only surround myself with my peers when it comes to taking classes if i have a choice.

not that i don't like freshmen, and not that some seniors, juniors or sophomore's don't act like freshmen, but in the fall freshmen get on my nerves. because they are fresh out of high school, and college is close to the real world, and we are adults here. i need them to work on acting like one.

[observation] guy just walked by looks sorta like Lionle Richie

wish desperate housewives was coming on tonight. i was always looking forward to watching that. but i guess i'll settle for a blockbuster night?


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